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1000 Person sample of CMS SynPUF simulated data in CDMV5 format

Click this link to download the SynPUF data in a zip file:

Click this link to download the Achilles exported files for the SynPUF data in a zip file:


We extracted a 1000 person data set from the CMS 2008-2010 Data Entrepreneurs’ Synthetic Public Use File (DE-SynPUF) on the CMS website and converted it to the OMOP Common Data Model Version 5 format.

The zip file contains csv files and SQL copy statements to load the data into a PostgreSQL database.

This is a useful data set if you need to test or demo the open source OHDSI applications.

To use the Achilles output data, unzip the file and create a datasources.json file with the following contents:

{ "datasources":[ {"name":"Demo_data_1K_synthetic_patients", "folder":"SYNPUF1000"} ] }


  • There is no personal or private information in this data set (it's just simulated data, not real data) and it may be shared publicly.
  • We'd appreciate a link back to this web site if you post this data set elsewhere online.
  • Generated IDs are zero based. For example the first LOCATION_ID is location id zero and the first PERSON_ID is person id zero.
  • This is an early release of the data set and we'll produce future updates that populate more of the CDMV5 tables (in particular, the COST tables).

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